Located at 624 West Washington Avenue

West Washington Place Amenities

From all of us affiliated with West Washington Place (WWP), we thank you for choosing our property to be your home. The WWP property has a rich history including being the historical site of the Hotel Washington as commemorated by the bronze plaque next to the front entrance of the building on West Washington Avenue.

We also have two wonderful first-floor neighbors, The Creative Company and Sprinkman Real Estate & Design.

The goal of this apartment development was to create a best-in-class tenant experience that provides convenient downtown Madison access with a vibrant amenity offering. We think we have accomplished this goal and are happy to share the benefits with you!

To ensure you are aware of the many amenities provided and enhance your experience living at West Washington Place, please take a moment to learn more about all that is available.

As a reminder, for everyone’s well-being and enjoyment please be respectful of your neighbor and the property at all times and again, as always, we sincerely thank you for choosing our property to be your

With warmest regards,
The staff and Ownership of West Washington Place

Your Amenities With Usage Instructions

Mailroom: Secure Mail Area

The secure mail area is conveniently located within the Micro Market room just off the main entry. Only the United States Postal Service® is permitted to deliver mail to these boxes. If a mailpiece is too large to fit in the box, the Post Office will place a key to a larger parcel locker below the apartment mailboxes or place the parcel in the Package Delivery Room.

Marketplace: Micro Market

This is our unstaffed retail space where you can purchase food, beverages, and some convenience items. All of these items are restocked with fresh products weekly by a local food and beverage vendor.

How it works

To use the micro-market, simply pick the food or beverage you wish to purchase and then scan the item at the intuitive, self-checkout kiosk. The kiosk offers convenient payment options such as credit/debit cards, cash, and fingerprint reader. All transactions take place through a secure and stable network. SPECIAL NOTE: For hot beverages select ‘hot beverage’ on the kiosk screen instead of scanning the item.

Make an Account

To make your own micro-market account, go to the kiosk and click “Add Account.” You can create your account using your email and either your fingerprint or a pin number. If using a pin number, you will need a Bar Code Tag. The Bar Code Tag is located at the kiosk or you can obtain one by contacting your Property Manager. Once your account is created, you can add money to it using a card or cash. Now you are all set to use the micro-market!

Grocery Delivery: Refrigerator/Freezer Room

Grocery Delivery services are a snap with the availability of commercial-sized refrigerators and freezers located within the secure package delivery room. Your selected service can place your perishable items within a refrigerated unit for safe keeping until your retrieval. Non-perishable items can be put on the shelves adjacent to the refrigerators and freezers.

For grocery or food delivery during business hours (weekdays 8 am – 5 pm) delivery drivers should use the following directions: Access the common hallway using the doors facing West Washington Ave, address 622 W. Washington. Within the hallway is a keypad needed in order to enter the delivery room – the code is 622#. Please ask delivery drivers to leave groceries in the delivery room, utilizing the coolers and shelves so we can keep the room free from unnecessary clutter.

For grocery or food deliveries outside of business hours, please instruct the delivery service to buzz your unit using the intercom system at the main residential door (624 W. Washington, west facing) and receive your groceries in the lobby. You will need to be home to receive grocery deliveries outside of business hours.

Package Delivery

Delivery services can deliver large packages to a secured space. The racks are designated by the apartment floor and conveniently located adjacent to the Micro Market. UPS, FedEx, Amazon and USPS all have access to the delivery room. Packages delivered with these carriers should all make it into the package room. If you are using a separate carrier, we highly recommend that you are home to receive your package. Use the same instructions as the grocery delivery outside of business hours.

Parking Garage

You’ll find adequate auto & bicycle space within the climate-controlled, and well-lit parking garage located below West Washington Place. Convenient and secure access to the unassigned parking stalls is obtained through the use of the provided garage door sensor or by swiping your apartment FOB. Electric vehicle charging stalls are also available for resident use.

Dog Walk Area

Furry family members are encouraged to enjoy the fresh air and a convenient walk just outside the north exit of West Washington Place (adjacent to the parking garage access drive). A Pet waste disposal unit is located in this area as well as both sides of the property.

Pet Wash

Clean paws are easy to keep with access to the convenient dog wash station located on the lower level parking garage in the room labeled “Pet Washing Station”.

Fitness & Wellness Rooms

West Washington Place has state-of-the-art equipment and accessories for you to stay fit and healthy, on your schedule. FREE Les Mills on-demand classes help guide and motivate you as well as iFit, YouTube, and Peloton apps. Two rooms provide a wide variety of cardio, weights, resistance, exercise, and stretching apparatus. For further how-to instructions, watch this instructional video.

Self Storage

Keep your living space organized and your closets uncluttered by renting one of our storage units. We have spacious temperature-controlled storage units on almost every floor. To request a unit, contact property management.

Community Room

Needing more space to entertain? Check out the luxury community room fully equipped with gourmet appliances, fireplace (indoor and outdoor viewing), large LED TV’s, Sonos sound systems, plenty of comfortable seating, and access to the rooftop patio. 

Community Room Use:

Use of this space is not exclusive, however, can be reserved the room by scheduling with management. Access to the rooftop patio must remain available for all residents. For courtesy to all residents, clean-up with garbage removal following use is required.  

Meeting Room

For the convenience of West Washington Place residents, a spacious meeting room with large LED TV, and flexible seating are provided.

Meeting Room Use:

Use of this space does not need to be reserved. However, if you have a meeting that you would like to reserve the room for, you can do so by scheduling with Property Management. As a courtesy to all residents, clean-up and garbage removal following use are required.

Rooftop Patio

There are few places in downtown madison that can offer so many breathtaking views! The rooftop patio is a perfect place to relax while enjoying a beverage, entertain some friends with a tailgate bar-b-que, or take in the beautiful sunrise with a Capitol backdrop. There is plenty of seating for any occasion with a commercial gas grill and ambient lighting.

Rooftop Patio Use:

Use of this space is not exclusive, however, can be reserved the room by scheduling with property management. As a courtesy to all residents, clean-up and garbage removal following use are required.

First Floor Lounge / Meeting Room

Convenient, comfortable and reservable meeting room located just off the main lobby. Features a bi-folding door for privacy, high-top tables and chairs, a sofa and a beautiful fireplace.

Outdoor Parking

Convenient off-street parking is available at the lot at the back of the building for visitors. There is also available parking on West Washington Ave.

Outdoor Parking Use:

During business hours (weekdays from 8 am to 5:30 pm) parking is reserved for our commercial suites and their guests.
Any resident or guest can use the surface lot on weekends at any time and on weekdays before 8 am and after 5:30 pm as long as they are using their guest hang tag. The surface lot is first-come, first-serve during these times. The hang tag should be placed on the rearview mirror facing out so our parking monitors can clearly see it. The surface parking lot is not an alternative to garage parking. The surface lot is for guests and short-term parking only.